The interior decoration of the church, as we see it today, was predominantly made in Mayer's artistic workshop in Munich at the turn of the 19/20th century. The construction of the Neo-baroque altar was completed in 1897. At its very center, two angels uphold a cabinet containing the miraculous figure of Our Lady of the Snow with two other angels suspending a diadem over her head. The heart pierced by a sword in the upper retable of the altar is a pictorial representation of the elder Simon's prophecy, "A sword of sorrow will pierce your heart." The curvature of the presbytery is adorned with sculptures depicting Mary's coronation as the Queen of Heaven and Earth. Invocations and supplications of the Loretto Litany to the Blessed Mother are depicted on the vaulted ceiling of the nave and the stained glass windows of the gallery. The stained glass of the presbytery colorfully portrays the Virgin Mary's parents, Anne and Joachim; the stained glass of the nave portrays Saint Joseph, Saint George, Saint Anne, and Saint Barbara.