Order of worship:

Ordinary days: 1200.

Sundays and Holidays: 1200 and 1600.

Special Indulgence:

  • The Cause of Our Joy (21 VI)
    - Sunday before last Sunday of June: 1300
  • The Mary of the Snow (5 VIII)
    - the 1st Sunday of August: 1300

    For tourists

  • Souvenirs from the Sanctuary can be bouth in the Rectory (parsonage) the proceeds from the sale go to the maitenance and renovation of the Sanctuary.
  • Cafeteria - in the Rectory building (parsonage) is open everyday proceeds are designated for the renovation.
  • The exhibition about history of the Sanctuary is located in the galleries of the Sanctuary. Income intended for the renovation of the Sanctuary.
  • A Christmas' Jesus créche can be seen throughout the whole year in the galleries, together with the exhibition.